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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Rehambal

Substance use, also known as substance misuse disorder, is when someone uses and abuses multiple drugs, alcohol or other substances and develops health problems or extreme behavioral changes causing trouble with their work, home life, or school. If you want to come out of it then you need to join Nasha Mukti Kendra in Rehambal.

It is more like a medical problem involving uncontrolled drug-taking behavior. It occurs when any kind of drug use interferes with a person’s ability to function normally in life. This can be from over-the-counter medications as well as prescription drugs.

At our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Rehambal we provide immediate support and care that are affordable. Before going into the Nasha Mukti Kendra at Rehambal there are certain signs and symptoms which shows that the person should be admitted into the rehab center:

  • Feeling an overwhelming urge to take drugs often, all day long or whenever they are available; cutting back on social activities due to drug use.
  • Continuing taking the medicine even though it’s hurting your body or mind.
  • Having severe cravings for drugs which block out all other thoughts.
  • Taking larger amounts of medication over longer periods than prescribed by doctor because tolerance has increased.
  • Stealing money from family members so that one can maintain supply; doing anything else necessary including illegal activity just so long as one can keep themselves supplied with enough of their chosen substance(s) – this includes stealing things such as credit cards etc.
  • Going through withdrawal after trying unsuccessfully quit using drugs.
  • Spending large sums of money on expensive narcotics.
  • Increasing doses needed each time in order feel same effect.
  • Not fulfilling obligations at work place.

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