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Jiwandaan Foundation helps you to live a life without drugs with our best services & treatments. Various kinds of treatment services provided at Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) are the following:-

Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is a serious issue which affects individuals life. We provide assitane to such addicts.

Detox Treatment

It is very crucial phase of treatment. In this patient is kept under 24 hour supervision.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a diseases wich spoils individuals life. We provide assitane to such addicts.

Dual Diagnosis

Promotes holistic recovery by addressing co-ocurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a cronic illness that shows up as an individual in ability to stop drinking.

Relaps Treatment

Relaps is a frequent problem thst occur in patients. We Deals with this problem in best way.

Why Choose Us

Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) gives you so many reasons to choose it for the best treatment. In Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) you will get treatment which will definatly helps you to live healthy and happy life.

Safe Enviroment

Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) make sure the safty of the patients.

Jiwandaan Foundation make sure that each and every patient should feel safe and secure in the center. Safe and homely treatment is provided to the patients.

Luxury Facility

Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) has all the luxury facility for the patients.

Hot and cold water is available for the patients. Both vegetarian & non-vegetarian food is provided here. All of these facilities are available at affordable price.

24X7 Emergency

Services of Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) is available 24x7 for our patients.

Expert team of Jiwandaan Foundation(nasha mukti kendra) is always ready with this skills to help people to give them a better life. To avail our services join Jiwandaan Foundation(nasha mukti kendra) at the earliest.

Pick-up Services

Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) provides pick-up services to their patients

You can join form anywhere. Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) will take you toyour destination. Jiwandaan Foundation (nasha mukti kendra) uses safest transport faicility for their patients.

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