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The abuse of drugs and alcohol can change someone’s whole life. When people test positive for addictive substances like alcohol or narcotics they lose control over their minds and bodies. In such cases, if one tries to quit such a habit, withdrawal symptoms usually occur which may be very fatal.

If you keep on taking these addictive substances for long periods you might end up with severe health problems or even cancer. Therefore, it is essential to go through the process of de-addiction at Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sopore. We are one of the best places where we help addicts recover from their addictions. We have authorized medical practitioners, trainers, therapists and counselors who will work with you until you are completely healed.

Alcoholism signs to check before joining Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sopore

Before enrolling into any Rehabilitation Centre within Sopore area it would be necessary for you first understand what leads to alcohol dependency.

Below are some of the reasons:

  • Many patients attending our rehab centers at Sopore are minors below 18 years old; hence it becomes surprising why children could fall into addiction so early in life. For example if someone starts consuming alcohol when he/she is only 15 years old there higher chances that this person will get hooked onto it later part of their teenage hood period.
  • Another factor is family background whereby if most members from one family happen to indulge themselves into drinking then others might follow suit unknowingly due to genetic predisposition towards certain habits which could make an individual prone towards addiction more than others do.
  • Any form childhood trauma or abuse may also act as a catalyst behind development of an addict because such individuals often seek comfort through self-medication using substances that are highly likely cause dependence among users seeking pleasurable experiences.
  • In some instances fun lovers start taking drinks which eventually become their new way life without them knowing it leading them down path destruction not only themselves but also those close around them.


Visit a professional Rehabilitation Centre in Sopore if you want to recover from alcoholism or drug addiction. We shall ask about your history regarding usage e.g., how long you have been involved with drugs and what extent has drinking affected you? After conducting our initial assessment we will take through medical examination that includes physical as well psychological tests aimed at determining which treatment plan suits best basing on individual needs.

By putting together these different elements we can come up with final therapy package for each person seeking help from us. At this centre, we acknowledge uniqueness among individuals hence diversification in approaches towards recovery process.

Our treatment involves detoxification, counselling sessions, therapy periods, skill acquisition programs like workshops/seminars etc., So visit today for medical assistance bid farewell to addictions plus its associated problems forevermore.

Therefore for one find reliable rehabilitation facility within Sopore they need contact us immediately!

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